M-D Building Products Acquires Loxcreen Company.....

Acquisition Adds Manufacturing Capabilities and Diversifies Product Portfolio for Commercial and Residential Applications...more

Our goal is to be the North American leader in Floor Covering Accessories. This can only be accomplished by offering great products, great service and by the actions of our associates.

We have been focused on customer service since the beginning. It is true that we have the broadest assortment of accessory products in the industry. It is also true that we have a history of order fulfillment that is recognized as an industry leader. We are proud of the fact that we bring new and exciting products to market well in advance of others, as well as providing the basic products that are used everyday. But our success is really based on the exceptional customer service provided by our associates.

Loxcreen Flooring Group... bringing the personal touch to business, everyday!

Bengard Flooring Accessories – established in 1968 as B&B Manufacturing, Bengard has the most comprehensive product line in the industry, including carpet, ceramic, laminate, vinyl, resilient and hardwood trim. Bengard is a one-stop shop for all of your accessory needs - your floor moulding specialist.

Loxcreen Floor Covering Accessories – a traditional line of aluminum and vinyl floor mouldings that covers a broad spectrum of installation challenges with high quality, industry approved products. Utilizing the core strengths of our sister companies, Aluminum and Vinyl Extrusions, the Loxcreen brand satisfies the needs of our most demanding customers.

Dura-Trim Products – acquired in the late 90’s, Dura-Trim has a unique selection of products for both the commercial and DIY markets. This line includes decorative and utility aluminum extrusions as well as carpet, ceramic and laminate mouldings in both aluminum and vinyl.

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